Alexanda’s Ambassadorships


Alexandra proudly represents the following businesses by providing workshops, tutorials, photography and more regarding their products and more! Are you interested in Alexandra representing your company? Simply send her a message via her contact page and she’ll respond as quickly as possible.


Manuscript Pen Company

From fountain pens to wax seals, Manuscript is a company manufacturing materials for artists, authors and writers throughout the globe.

Through their association with D Leonardt and Co. , they’ve come a long way since 1856 and continue to produce calligraphy pens and quality nibs to get people writing or drawing!


Princeton Artist Brush Company

Princeton Artist Brush Company is one of the largest brush suppliers in North America. Since the Company started almost twenty five years ago, there have been many changes to our business, yet our goal, our mission is to continue to provide the best service to our retail partners and quality brushes to artists.