Alexandra has had the privilege of working with the Manuscript Pen Company, located in Shropshire (Birmingham), UK. For 8 months, she developed each and every character of the Lionheart Series, bringing them to life for children of all ages.

The Lionheart family is made up of 10 fun and exciting characters aiding a child’s creative development. Join Arthur, the King of the Safari, and his friends as they go on a journey encouraging children to write and draw with fun, exciting products. This range is supported by a selection of writing instruments and activity booklets to aid children’s development during different stages of their early years. From wooden crayons and super-washable markers suitable for small hands, to broad coloring pens and handwriting pens for the next stage of development, the Lionheart collection is ideal for young children up to 9 years old.

Purchase: United Kingdom
Purchase: United States (coming Spring 2020)